Customs warehouse Pentada Brok

Customs Clearance

At the end of 2023, PENTADA BROC LLC received the status of a customs warehouse for a warehouse, which allows us to expand the capabilities of our customers. Thus, you will be able to place your goods (except for pharmaceutical products and goods requiring special storage conditions) in the warehouse of PENTADA BROCK LLC under customs control for up to 3 years without paying customs duties and applying non-tariff regulation measures.

This makes it possible:

  • release the vehicle from the cargo and avoid unnecessary downtime costs if additional permits are required for customs clearance;
  • deferral of customs duties for the period of storage of goods;
  • the ability to consolidate and reconsolidate consignments for customs clearance, depending on the need.

The open-type customs warehouse has an area of 157.8 m² and is located at the following address Kyiv, ul. Dniprovodska 1.

The customs clearance unit of the customs clearance department No. 2 of the customs post “Zakhidnyi” of the Kyiv Customs is located on the territory of the place of arrival of vehicles. This proximity simplifies all customs formalities

All goods are safe, as the facility is guarded around the clock, and the territory is equipped with a control system, video surveillance, fire alarm and fire extinguishing equipment.

At the customs warehouse you will be able to:

  • store goods;
  • consolidate and break down batches of goods;
  • sort, pack and repack, and stick goods;
  • take samples and specimens of goods;
  • perform cargo operations with goods.

We will be happy to help everyone!