Customs warehouse

Customs warehouse

At the end of 2023, PENTADA BROC LLC successfully obtained the status of a customs warehouse for its warehouse, which opens up new opportunities for our customers. Now you have the possibility to store your goods (except for pharmaceutical products and goods requiring special storage conditions) in the warehouse of PENTADA BROCK LLC under customs control for up to 3 years without paying customs duties and applying non-tariff regulatory measures.

Our advantages:

Efficient customs clearance:

  • Release of the vehicle from the cargo, which avoids additional costs for downtime associated with customs clearance if additional permits are required.
  • Deferred payment of customs duties for the period of storage.
  • Possibility to consolidate and reconsolidate consignments for efficient customs clearance.

Convenient location:

  • An open-type customs warehouse with an area of 157.8 m², located at 1 Dniprovodska Street, Kyiv.
  • The proximity to the Customs Clearance Department No. 2 of the Zakhidnyi customs post of the Kyiv Customs simplifies all customs formalities.

Safety and security:

  • The facility is under round-the-clock security.
  • The territory is equipped with an access control system, video surveillance system, fire alarm system and fire extinguishing equipment.

We offer:

Warehousing services:

  • Storage of goods.
  • Consolidation and splitting of batches of goods.
  • Sorting, packing and repacking of goods.

Customs Services:

  • Take samples and specimens of goods.
  • Perform cargo operations with goods.

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