New guarantee management system (GMS)

Financial guarantee
Оформлення ЕЕ декларацій в автоматичному режимі

Due to the introduction of a new guarantee management system (GMS) by the State Customs Service, it is now possible to issue electronic customs declarations (except for individuals) with individual guarantees in an automatic mode.

Until then, the EE declaration with individual financial guarantees has to be filed:

  1. was carried out through a customs inspector
  2. required a customs inspector to check the customs declaration and attach an individual guarantee
  3. required a certain amount of time
  4. was carried out exclusively during customs working hours

At present, processing is carried out automatically, around the clock, within a few minutes. 

We would like to remind you that individual  finguarantees  are used to file customs declarations when moving goods under customs control. 

Thanks to individual guarantees, there is no need to reserve your own funds in customs accounts when moving goods under customs control. 

This is especially true for goods that have privileges and preferences, as the reservation is made at the full rates of the Ukrainian customs tariff, excise tax and value added tax.

Sincerely, PE “Pentada-Trans”